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Looking great and having the freedom to change your style shouldn’t have to break the bank.

Fashion trends are always rapidly changing.

Your expensive jewelry collection can fall out of style quickly.

Now - more than ever - treat yourself to elegance and style.

Invest In Yourself.
Not Your Jewelry.

Over the last ten years, our high quality, costume jewelry has helped thousands of customers stay stylish and confident without a hefty price tag.

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Basket Ring - 900027
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Basket Ring - 900027
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Basket Ring - 900027
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We love our customers

There is a reason it’s called “The DanaTyler Experience”. From the absolute amazing and welcoming staff that greet you upon arrival, the upbeat and fun music that is playing in the stores, the ability to “try everything on and love it before you buy it” , the huge variety and selection that goes above and beyond the saying “ there is something for everyone”, to the knowledgeable and attentive employees that truly give you that personalized and unique experience in their stores. You aren’t just a customer one time in a DanaTyler store, you are a lifetime repeat customer who is treated and thought of just like family. Please visit any store for a memorable and one of a kind experience.

- Gina R.

Bought my mother a beautiful diamond earring from here, she really enjoyed it and how wonderful it looked. The customer service here was also so very helpful, they really helped me find an affordable price and helped me pick the right item just for her.

- Kuzumi K.

I stumbled upon this jewelry store a few years ago. The quality of their merchandise is top notch and the prices are on point. I recently had to exchange a piece of jewelry and I had the most pleasurable experience I ever had dealing with DanaTyler employees. No matter which store I visited (because I always stop in them all) Naples, Sarasota, Fort Myers and especially the Venice location. Everyone I talked to on the phone was very pleasant, accommodating and professional. When you walk into any DanaTyler store you are greeted with a warm and friendly hello. You are then able to shop without being harassed and followed while trying to shop. Ask a question about a piece of jewelry and they are right there to answer and help you. The attitudes of the employees are always upbeat, positive and happy. I’m all about TOP NOTCH customer service and this company has it.

- Kathleen B.