Dana Klein

CEO & Yogi


Dana Klein is proof that through hard work, love and determination dreams can come true. Her tremendous compassion extends past her children, friends and family. Dana’s goal with DanaTyler is not personal success, but to pave a path forward for her employees and community. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Dana began DanaTyler in 2008 during the start of America’s latest recession. A single mother, Dana was driven to provide for her three children.

Years prior, when at a party a bracelet fell off her wrist. In that moment, she immediately felt the responsibility of fine jewelry. Quality costume jewelry gave Dana the same confidence but without fine jewelry’s overwhelming risk of loss. With this realization and her love for fashion Dana began selling costume jewelry at the Local Flea Market.

Dana’s ambition to build personal and long-standing connections was the launching pad from taking her Flea Market Kiosk to a Multi-Million-Dollar Fashion Brand. Having once lived in fear that she couldn’t financially take care of her children, Dana provides her employees with the tools for growth and success. “When we support each other incredible things can happen” embodies who Dana is in both her personal and professional life.

Fashion gives women that extra boost of confidence they need when walking into the negotiating room, on vacation with friends, or advocating at a job interview. The DanaTyler cultures promotes self-love, empowerment, elegance and inclusivity. At DanaTyler everyone has a seat at the table.