Posted by DanaTyler on on 18th Jun 2019

JADA is a special kind of woman. She is beautiful, intelligent, caring and bold. She is confident, but humble. Her laugh is contagious. Her smile catches all the eyes in the room. She loves her family and friends. She knows what she’s worth and goes after it. She is loyal to the people she loves. She empowers those around her to be their best selves.

JADA is the single mother who fights for her children’s future. Her alarm clock goes off before the sun rises. She knows her children’s eyes are on her at all times. She is a role model for her daughter and an example to her son. She works out, gets dressed, takes her children to school, and shows up to work with a smile on her face. She is a breath of fresh air in everyone's’ day.

JADA is the stay-at-home mom & loving wife who is the backbone of her family. She is their shoulder to cry on. She is their biggest cheerleader. She is their supportive friend. Her love carries them through their failures and launches them into success. Their happiness is her happiness.

JADA is the working woman who built her own empire. She started with nothing and earned everything she has. She never listened to the doubters. Instead she looked forward, worked hard and believed in herself. She loves her employees, her business and her customers. She believes everyone has a seat at the table; anyone can bring their dreams to life.

JADA is your mother. JADA is your daughter. JADA is your sister. JADA is your best friend. JADA is your coworker. JADA is your boss. JADA is you. JADA is me. JADA is all of us.