Posted by DanaTyler on on 27th May 2019

Have you ever felt a little uneasy about leaving your jewelry in a hotel safe? How about travelling to a city or country where they target tourists? Do you sometimes just want to wear a piece of jewelry that looks like a million dollars but doesn’t cost you that arm and leg? Well, that is exactly what travel jewelry is for! Leave your real diamonds at home and travel with our beautiful pieces. Then, when you get home, you can mix them in with the rest of your jewelry and nobody will be the wiser!

If you have ever lost a tennis bracelet or had an earring go missing, maybe travel jewelry is what you need when you are going to be more active. Go dancing without constantly checking your ears or wrist for that special piece because if you do lose ours, replacing it is easy and inexpensive. Have fun, love it and wear it without the worry! It is all inspired by fine jewelry, so you will still feel like a million dollars and your friends will fall in love with your new pieces!

We carry simulated diamonds, which keep their clarity and luster just like a natural diamond. Jewelers have come in and commented on how incredible they look! Grade A cubic zirconia is in the rest of our jewelry and it sparkles just like the real thing. So go ahead, take our bling on your next cruise and sit at the captain’s table or go to formal night dripping in our stones and don’t give it a second thought. You will feel beautiful and have that extra money to spend on your vacation!