Hello and Happy Mother's Day

Posted by DanaTyler on on 10th May 2020

I've survived worse than this. So will you. Just two months ago, all was well. The tourist season was in full swing. DanaTyler had just opened its 8th store, and my family and beloved old 'pooch,' Bella, were all healthy and thriving. We had our first family cruise scheduled for summer to Italy and Greece. COVID was only a thing I had my eye on in the background.

Then came the news from China and Italy. People were dying, and the hospitals were overcrowded. America was not prepared for what was coming with a lack of hospital beds, masks, ventilators, and tests. We all began to prepare for the future. Within days our stores were closed, and toilet paper was the "it" item.
Our more than 50 employees were furloughed. I couldn't wrap my head around what was happening. How would my employees survive not being paid, and how would I breathe life into this business when it was all over?
Luckily I have a mom cape. It's red and says "YOU GOT THIS" on the back. I put it on. I decided to get up every morning during quarantine with the mindset, "how can I do my best today." What's in my control that I can work on? What is out of my control, and how can I let it go? The same mindset I used to survive motherhood.
Being a mom taught me to weather the storm. Being a single mom taught me I am responsible for how I handle things. When life was difficult for me personally or financially, it was up to me to work through it and continue to give my children the best I could. When my children failed, were broken-hearted or traumatized by life, I chose to show up and help them deal, even when inside, I wasn't sure how I would deal myself. Just the formula I need to survive this pandemic.

So this Mother's Day, I choose to ignore the chaos and uncertainty and celebrate the life I've been blessed to experience. My love and gratitude go out to all the moms in the world. Whether you mothered biological children, other children, fur babies, or even adults, the love you give is the fabric that holds this reality together.

COVID can not steal the love you share with others.
You are doing great things, and "YOU GOT THIS."